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Using GPT-3.5 for SEO Advice

ChatGPT is a buzzword nowadays. Suddenly, everyone was talking about it and the internet was flooded with Artificial Intelligence experts. But beyond the hype, some people were discovering that GPT-3.5 was not bulletproof and far from perfection in many ways. According to the …

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Automating Incident Response: A Scalable and Robust Approach

Automating tasks in Incident Response (IR) is key to reduce the impact of incidents. Although it seems as easy as start writing scripts, in my experience, this objective must be tackled in a more scalable and robust way that encompasses security, data science, and software develo…

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Automating Network Management with NetBox Scanner

Back in 2018, I was leading the SOC and NOC teams and although I'm not an excellent network engineer, I always tried to help technically the networking team. On that year we were struggling with the IPAM tool and started looking for a replacement. Then we found and tested NetBo…