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Using AWS Secrets Manager in Your Scripts

Using secrets in scripts is a problem and there's a plenty of ways to deal with it. Here, I'll explain how to use AWS Secrets Manager in your scripts to authenticate in tools and perform actions. AWS Environment To be properly used, AWS Secrets Manager (SM) requires configuratio…

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Getting Started with CloudFlare for Web Protection

CloudFlare is a great service for web protection and with its free plan, we're able to use many great features to improve the security of personal websites. In the following lines I'll describe how I got it working for me. Remember that my site is built upon Zola, deployed usin…

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AWS Certified Security - Specialty Review

For the last few months I had been studying for the AWS Certified Security - Specialty (SCS) certification and in this review, I am going to present every step I took to get this new certification in my career. The SCS (a.k.a. Security Engineering on AWS) is an advanced certific…