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portfolio-tracker: mastering your finances

Regrettably, from my experience with software, I discovered that there was no effective solution to assist me in managing my portfolio. This was due to either their high cost or their lack of utility. I'm not interested in applications that merely display obvious information, s…

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Handling Floating Point Precision in Spreadsheets

I was working on a spreadsheet for financial calculations when I encountered an issue. At a certain point, I decided to create a conditional formatting to notify me when the value in a cell reached zero. The spreadsheet contained numerous rows, and depending on certain conditio…

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Bits #6: Getting Cryptocurrency Prices in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is far better than MS-Excel (IMO) and its googlefinance() function is among one of most used features in my financial spreadsheets. Although very powerful, allowing you to get quotes in a streamlined way, it lacks support for many cryptocurrencies --and I'm not ta…