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Bits #3: How to Calculate and Decompose Syslog Message Priority

When dealing with Syslog, one should notice that each message starts with a number. This number identifies the priority of that message, and in this text, I will explain how to calculate and decompose it. Here are some examples of Syslog messages: <11>Aug 23 19:07:55 <…

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Bits #2: Real-time Log Forwarding with Python and Syslog

Recently, I had to solve this problem: having a system that generates some log files, to send such logs to our SIEM, considering that this system had no integration with Syslog. I solved this problem some time ago by writing a shell script to read all log files of the day before…

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Bits #1: Logging Python messages to Syslog in macOS

It's been a while since I posted for the last time, but today I decided to start a new session in this blog: Bits. Here, I'm going to share short, but good and useful experiences to help other people, including myself [in the future]. To debut the new session, I will describe t…