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My Minimalistic Approach to Mac System Setup

As a long-term user of Macs (since 2008) my core system changed over the years, but the target remains the same to me: keep it simple. I'm not a fan of having many apps, some of them that I barely use, for security reasons. Since I want to keep my system always up-to-date, the …

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Installing Nerd Fonts on Arch Linux

I am setting up my graphical environment in Arch Linux, but since the installation is minimal, I noticed I needed to install TTF/OTF fonts. The first font I installed was DejaVu, which is pretty good, but I wanted something more modern, but with good support from different chara…

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Arch Linux Workstation Setup

Now that the Arch Linux is installed and hardened, it is time to install a graphical environment to enable this system to be used as a workstation. This text will show how to setup the system, install the basic packages, and apply my personal configurations to build a system ver…